Friday, January 26, 2007

Catching Fried Fish Memories

Whereas David Lynch catches thought fish from thoughts during TM, I can give you some fried fish of my own experience of doing extented TM courses the 1970's; I would say I came out fried on TM. Not everyone who learns TM dives that far into the muddy TM waters, but for the few that do, it can propfoundly change them.
The saddest change that happened to me and to everybody else I knew was that we stopped laughing. All of life became serious. I know I stopped laughing because when my sister came to visit and took me away with my parents to a hotel for a night, I laughed, and realized that I hadn't laughed in months!
Before entering into the extended TM "rounding" periods of meditation that the Maharishi had us do in teacher training courses, I used to plan. However, during these very special courses, the student devotee is discouraged from planning with the directive; "this time is not the time to make decisions!..." Master Mahesh, when exactly do you give the power back into the hands of your students to make decisions for themselves.... nnnneverrrr.......
Before the trance-induction technique of TM, I had table manners. After a lot of meditation, I lost a sense of manners. This was an observation of my mother's when she visited me in Arosa Switzerland where we all ate enmass with other rounding devotees. That was my mom's perspective and her comment stayed with me for a long time. I thought I was getting enlightened. Now I think that we were not only his guinea pigs, but some of us were becoming pigs too!
This last fried fish of a memory happened to me before I did exptended meditation courses. I had been a considerate young woman before meditation, even though perhaps negative and moody. After just beginning TM, I thought more and more about how I felt physically. I became sensitive to smells, I thought a lot more about food, I felt worried about negative energy around me and getting "drained." I had never worried about "energy" before TM. I became more self-absorbed than I had been, even if I had been self-absorbed; it became worse.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences. It is a shame that he so closely resembled Father Christmas that people could not shake off the idea that he was someone magical. Had he spent a more time researching before attempting to teach ..... sigh!

Anonymous said...

Many of the symptoms I hear here (and other places as well) seem to be clear cases of deflected kundalini arisings. The sad thing is, in a deflected arising, they do not lead to liberation because the arising is through a nadi that does not culminate. One is left hanging. In many cases this means people just hang around for the next thing, hoping things will change. Sadly, it also means they are easily controlled and easily lead.

I suspect, but of course it's hard to confirm, that a majority of people doing TM have had such deflected arisings. Performance of the siddhis will almost guarantee that this is the case. One can find such people still populating TM email lists and usenet groups, almost endlessly posting and literally stuck in this dead-end cycle.

Sudarsha said...

I do not understand what kundalini is, does or how it is defined or supposed to work/be detected.

Is kundalini something like depression or some kind of psychological disturbance?

I see the word/term used a lot, but have been unable to understand it from context. It would be a useful if the term could be precisely defined.



Anonymous said...

Kudalini in a nutshell is the spiritual energy that rises from the root chakra at the base of the spine and up the spine until it reaches the crown chakra. When the crown chakra is reached then the third eye is opened and one experiences enlightenment.

The regular practice of meditation will cause the kundalini to rise. It can be also activated temporarily through shaktipat where shakti is transferred from the guru to the disciple. The practice of the sidhis can also accelerate the rising of the kundalini. The sad thing is this is a fairly basic concept taught in yoga that was not discussed much at all at the teacher training courses yet one would expect a teacher to know these things.

Kundalini if not watched over by a guru can be disruptive so best not attempted on one's own.

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