Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lose Weight Now, Ask Me How! (and bring your fruit, flowers, handkerchief and money!)

“Special Techniques Teacher”. Yep, I wanted to be one of those. Another arrow in my spiritual quiver. You never knew how that might come in handy and put you one more notch above the rank and file in the spiritual pecking order.

In 1975 I took a course, actually took it twice, in Switzerland,to become a teacher of the fabled “special techniques”. These were techniques, allegedly ancient and Vedic, to help that pudgy meditator lose weight, stop unstressing or, god forbid, stop smoking or drinking.

The course was two weeks tagged on to the end of yet another 6-month course for those who wanted to attend. Basically it all boiled down to this:

For oral fixations such as eating, smoking and drinking the instruction was to place one’s attention on the “space within the throat”.

For unstressing and general freak out the instruction was to place one’s attention on the tops of the palms.

This was to be done after finishing your regular meditation, or, in the case of the eating technique, while looking at your full plate of food. (Bon Apetite!)

That’s it.

If you needed a smoking technique AND an eating technique we were told to do two pujas and charge double the amount of money. I actually did this once but felt so terrible about it I never did it again. (“Hey, just do the same thing I told you to do before.”)

Yes, friends, the secret may now be revealed. Watch those pounds melt away!

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