Monday, January 29, 2007

THINK FREE: 01/29/07

THINK FREE is a regular feature of TM-Free Blog. It features a summary of news about Transcendental Meditation and other orgs labeled "cults" by critics.

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Anonymous said...

On attempting to view the contents of the link to Yahoo Group Transcendental Meditation I was blocked. On attempting to subscribe to the group I find I am required to first answer three questions:

1. Have you been instructed in the TM technique by a qualified TM

2. Are you now practicing the TM technique exactly as you have been
instructed, without any changes from your side?

3. Do you plan to contribute to this group in a genuinely supportive way?

Sudarsha said...

Anonymous: how curious. The only question I was asked was to say something. So I said when I was initiated. I got my confirmation today. -- Mahesh's ramblings are rather, uh, well, rambling, leaving no doubt about the Hindu religious foundation of TM/TMO.

Maybe I'll just post it so we can have a group retch.


Anonymous said...

The questions were asked in order to ascertain whether I "would feel comfortable in this group".

Should they deign to grant membership I will most likely offer them that chestnut, 'I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member.'

Sudarsha said...

Anonymous, I have looked over the group's page. RETCH. It's ghastly. The photos ... do sane people let such photos be taken AND published?

Then there are the files. Really, I thought I'd need an insulin drip just to survive the lovely goo.

What does this tell us about TM? Perhaps that it rots the discriminating awareness, so prominent in the Yoga Sutras?


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