Friday, February 23, 2007

The Problem with TM Research

Is TM universally benign? Does long-term TM practice cause negative side effects? Why is the scientific research on these issues so contradictory?

There has been some discussion on the TM-Free Blog recently regarding research on Transcendental Meditation and quantum mechanical phenomena.

To further this discussion here are links that discuss research that most TMers are not aware of.

Professor Barry Markovsky, Chair of the Sociology Department at University of South Carolina, talks about the problems facing researchers into consciousness phenomena -- particularly Transcendental Meditation. Also, in a balanced and deeply researched paper, philosopher of science Evan Fales and sociologist Barry Markovsky discuss standards to which exotic scientific theories should be held. Using the "Maharishi Effect" -- Transcendental Meditation's claim that groups of advanced meditators can bring about peace in war- or crime-torn areas -- as an example, they give strong reasons why unusual theories deserve a hearing -- but not necessarily an endorsement -- from serious scientists.

Finally,'s research section discusses many research papers that find negative or inconclusive results for practitioners of TM.

If you know of other research that readers should consider, please consider clicking on "Comments" below and pointing us toward it!

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Gina said...

In French, by the same Canadian medical physicist referenced yesterday. An article about New Age therapies and "Quantum Healing"

Can anyone translate?


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