Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Reflection on the 10th Anniversary of Heaven's Gate

The news reports yesterday remembering Heaven's Gate were really disturbing for me. I remember watching the videotapes they left behind and thinking, "God, they sound just like I did when I was a Governor."

I literally got the shakes. I, too, was willing to be celibate because the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi wanted me to be.

Would I have taken the next step for him like Heaven's Gate did?

You know, a number of corresponders have told me lately not to worry about the Movement because it has gotten so small. That's exactly why I am so worried.

When TM was large it got a lot of public scrutiny. As it has shrunk, it's dropped out of the watchful eye of the media. And the more moderate elements of the Movement are the ones who have left. It's the most extreme members who are left behind. I think there's a real pressure cooker mentality among those still believing -- especially since the Maharishi's claims have become more and more outlandish.

Waco had fewer than 80 members. Being small is no protection for those few left behind.

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