Thursday, March 01, 2007

Televised Rajini Coronation - not to be missed

(Email sent to TM centers)

Special Broadcast for Ladies

This week a very inspiring event of special interest to ladies is being broadcast on the Maharishi Channel.

On 14 February the youngest Raj Rajeshwari of the Global Country of World Peace—Raj Rajeshwari Dr. Alison Plaut was crowned in a special Coronation Ceremony on her 24th birthday. The celebration included the reading of some of her beautiful experiences of higher states of consciousness, as well as the awarding of a doctoral degree from Maharishi University of World Peace.

The Coronation Ceremony will be played on the Maharishi Channel at the following times this week:

Tuesday 27 February 8 PM US CST 3 AM Central European TIme (Wednesday morning)
Wednesday 28 February 12:30 PM US CST 7:30 PM CET
Friday 2 March 6:30 PM US CST 1:30 AM CET (Saturday morning)
Saturday 3 March 10 AM US CST 5:30 PM CET
Sunday 4 March 12:30 PM US CST 7:30 PM CET
10:30 PM US CST 5:30 AM CET (Monday morning)

If you do not have a satellite receiver for the Maharishi Channel, it is very easy to watch these broadcasts online. Go to

and choose "Click to view the Maharishi Channel online now".

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