Sunday, April 29, 2007

Indentured Pundits In Fairfield-Shame On The TMO

From Rick Archer over at Fairfield Life:

Some pundit news from a well-informed inside source:

· The pundits were not given a clear idea of what their living conditions here would be. They were not told they would be cloistered behind fences. They understood that they would be free to move about and see new things here. Most of them are very frustrated and stir-crazy in their confinement.

· The tuberculosis rumors are true. I don’t know how many are infected, but anyone who has had contact with the pundits has been tested.

· In his sales pitch to lure them here, Bob “Raja” Wynne promised them a $300 monthly stipend, but they are only getting $30.

· The pundits are indentured to the TMO for at least 20 years. They were all obligated to take out loans to help build some SV structure. It’s not clear to me what the structure is. Perhaps their living and chanting facility in India. I’ll find out. Anyway, as long as they are punditing, the movement covers the payments, but if they leave, they have to cover them. If they don’t Anand and Prakash Srivastava sic the police on them. This happened to the ex-pundit from whom I got this information.

· This pundit also said that the Srivastavas are very rich and basically say to MMY, “Look, you’re very old. Don’t worry about these financial matters. We’ll take care of them.”

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