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Message from Vlodrop....

Meru, Holland
Dear Friends,

Today's news reads: another 133 Indian Pandits will arrive next week in Maharishi Vedic City bringing the total number of Pandits in Iowa, USA, up to 505. We will at this point be close to the Maharishi Effect for the USA (1736 yogic fliers), because on the average, currently, there are 1600 or more Sidhas in the evening program (and about 1400 in the morning).

For security purposes another 500 Vedic Pandits will come in the follwing few months, and then "it will once again be worthwhile to read the newspaper". A "spiritually" Invincible America is really the best thing that could happen to the world. But it is not enough to "nearly" have reached the Maharishi Effect or "only in the evening". An example that Maharishi-ji often uses is that water only boils at exactly 100°C and not at 98°; in the same way, the large coherence-creating group in the USA must be over the threshold of 1736 Sidhas each and every day, and not "slightly under it"...and our friends in the USA are doing everything in order to make this possible.

It is expected that with the reduced negative pressure on world consciousness due to the increased coherence, the experiences of higher states of consciousness will suddenly rise in all of us. Therefore I present to you once again today an overview of the conditions for higher states of consciousness or awareness.

Our consciousness ("as we experience ourselves", "as we feel", "who we are") has its correspondence in the condition of our physiology, our body, our nervous system, which is the physical carrier of consciousness. There is always a relationship between body and spirit: Even if we only purely theoretically think about biting into a lemon, our lips become pursed. - in the same way, if our body is good in shape, then it is also good for our consciousness.

"Our body consists of biological cells, and cells consist of molecules and atoms"... according to western science. Also Vedic science delineates eight basic elements of the creation and concomitantly the body: eight smallest components or "fundamental principles", from which everything is constructed:

1. Earth (Prithivi), the firm
2. Water (Dschala or jala ), the flowing
3. Fire (Agni), the flammable
4. Air (Vaju), the gaseous
5. Akasha (world ether), space
6. Manas (spirit), "what thinks" mind
7. Buddhi (intellect), "what distinguishes"
8. Ahamkara (Ego), the I consciousness

The sequence 1-8 goes from the grossest to the finest. We have a body that is primarily constructed from the rougher elements (earth, water etc.). With progressively higher states of consciousness the body also refines itself, which Vedic science associates with progressively finer prevailing Prakritis (elements). Except during deep sleep, all the elements are always lively in the body; but the two prevailing elements clearly delineate the state in which we find ourselves:

1. State: Deep sleep. "Earth" is the prevailing element, while the other elements are all asleep. This is the condition with the minimum of consciousness; it is extremely rejuvenating for the body.

2. State: Dream Consciousness. "Earth" is the prevailing element, and "water" is in second place. Our perceptions and actions in this state are not real (with regard to waking consciousness).

3. State: Waking Consciousness. "water" is the prevailing element, and "earth" is in second place. Maharishi spoke of the fact that the earth element maintains our body consciousness, while the water element ensures that the next higher element (Agni) develops, because each element always promotes the next higher element. Agni is of highest importance for human life; it reaches full bloom in God consciousness, by promoting (the next higher element) the air element.

4. State: Transcendental Consciousness. Agni (fire) is the prevailing element, and Akasha (space) is in second place. This condition occurs, if we meditate in cosmic consciousness. In this state we still have the elements of waking consciousness (water and earth) lively in the body during meditation, which, however, refines itself noticeably. Already in 1970 Dr. Keith Wallace had written his famous doctoral thesis regarding the fact that the functioning of the body is so obviously different during TM that, in the scientific sense, we must speak of it as a new state of consciousness: Transcendental Consciousness. - Maharishi: "the Akasha element ensures that we retain our transcendental self-awareness."

5. State: Cosmic Consciousness. This is the state of enlightenment, in which we experience the pure, transcendental light of our higher Self (Atma) day and night . We are a witness of our activity as well as our dreams, and we have complete wakefulness at night during sleep. We suddenly find that we are "beside ourselves" with regard to activity and experience ourselves as separate from everything that happens outside. Our self has evolved to its absolute value. Agni (fire) is the prevailing element, and Vayu (air) is in second place.

6. State: God Consciousness (or refined Cosmic Consciousness). Vayu (air) is the prevailing element in the body, and Agni (fire) is in second place. Our internal five subtle senses are opened, and we now have the ability to perceive everything in the universe (to hear, see, smell, taste, feel anything). Nothing anymore remains hidden from us, and we are not capable of misusing our abilities. He who is once enlightened, loses the ability to make errors; and he who is not enlightened, he is not yet quite able to do everything completely without error. - the Vayu element (air) maintains the separation between our transcendental interior world and the refined external world. - in God Consciousness we have heavenly perception (and we are now able to, for example, speak with our guardian angel without any problem). All these refined abilities develop gradually day by day with the TM-Sidhi program and the TM advanced techniques.

7. State: Unity Consciousness. Akasha (space) is the prevailing element, and Vayu (air) is in second place. While in the fourth state Akasha is in second place, where it retained our transcendental self-awareness, here Akasha takes the first position in the body and allows the experience of Unity Consciousness to be possible. Each item, which we are aware of, we perceive in the full value of our transcendental Self. This perception of unity is an achievement of the finest intellect, thus our most highly developed ability of discrimination.

8. State: Brahman Consciousness (first level in refinement of the body). Akasha (space) is the prevailing element and Vayu (air) is in second place (as in Unity Consciousness, however, in Sanskrit both states, the 7th and the 8th, are called "Brahmi Chetana", the distinction isn't delineated). The body in this state is more refined than in the 7th state and the proportion of grosser elements (earth, water, fire) in the body decreases significantly. The "realization of unity in each perception" has with regard to the 7th state completely changed: While, in Unity Consciousness, we experienced unity exclusively with regard to the object of perception, which we are completely aware of; we constantly have this experience of absolute unity in Brahman Consciousness with regard to everything around us, near or far. Therefore, our perception here has developed to its absolute value, while in Cosmic Consciousness our self had already developed to its absolute value. Thus now everything in our life is experienced in its absolute value - except the body. It refines itself only in the later states.

8a: Brahman Consciousness (2nd level in the refined body). Manas, 6th element of the thinking mind, becomes prevalent in the body, and Akasha is in second place. Whoever achieves this elevated state is guaranteed a place in the Guiness World Book of Records. - it is believed that the illumined Gopis (Krishna's playmates in Vrindavan) reached this state 5200 years ago.

8b: Brahman Consciousness (3rd level in the refined body). Buddhi (7th element, the finest intellect) becomes prevalent in the body. This state is unique. Shri Radha, who among all the Gopis was the most highly enlightened , and whom Krischna admired the most, reached this state.

8c: Brahman Consciousness (4th level in the refined body). Ahamkara, 8th element of the "I Consciousness" (finest Ego) becomes prevalent in the body . In this state our body is totally refined, as a body of light existing on the finest level of creation, far beyond a so-called heavenly body ("Celestial Body"). Examples of this state are not available at the present time, however, eagerly sought after, is someone to report to us how it feels.

9. State: Krishna Consciousness. Pure consciousness does not only now prevail in the body, but it has transformed every last trace of the eight elements in the body into absolute Being. Maharishi: " This is the body made of absolute Being ." Starting with the all-knowingness of Brahman Consciousness we now also add physical omnipresence and omnipotence, however, there is no being that could ever be completely equal to God. Even in Krishna Consciousness , on the absolute pinnacle of any developmental possibility, one is still an individual, who can think "only one thought at a time" (although with maximum speed). Only God alone can think infinitely many thoughts at a time, however, we human individuals can transcend (in the end) even our individual personality and in Mahasamadhi become one with God, as Guru Dev before us has done. Then we are again completely one with the source of all beings. - 5200 years ago in Vrindavan , in His terrestrial incarnation , as the ninth avatar , Krishna had an absolute body and Krishna Consciousness and was revered as the embodiment of transcendence and as the incarnation of Vishnu's transcendental aspect -

Finally a word on the heavenly body (which we humans also can attain in the 8th state, before the "second level of Brahman Consciousness"). The devas under Indra, the king of the Gods, have a heavenly body which is without boundaries, so that they can watch over and administer their own law of nature everywhere in the universe simultaneously. In this body the element Akasha becomes prevalent, and the four low elements: earth, water, fire and air are completely refined and only " available in seed form"... this last trace of the relative world is necessary so that the devas are able to be active in the world. Infinite harmony and pure Sattwa are prevalent in them, but Moksha, spiritual liberation or complete enlightenment is not available for the devas. They sometimes therefore accept a human birth in order to disseminate the highest knowledge (as did Bhishma, the Eights of the Vasu Devas, the son of Ganga Devi, or the five Pandawas: Yudhishthira, Arjuna, Bhima, Nakula and Sahadeva, each of whom, in ancient times, all already reined once as Indra over the devas).

Thanks to Maharishi's infinite knowledge, all this is available to us. All that we need is the confidence to follow him and the deep desire to understand and carry out his knowledge. In the long run only three things are necessary for enlightenment (as an example): the deep desire for evolution, a humble attitude to be of service and an enlightened master. Then Mother Nature takes us by the hand and leads us through all the stages to enlightenment.

Before the end of this year may the Maharishi Effect allow Sattwa (the emerging constructive force in our world ) to outweigh its opposite value. Only 8168 Yogic Fliers radiating from one place in the world are necessary in order to care for the entire world. We will experience it!

We can watch the numbers grow at: < >

Cordial greetings from Vlodrop

Jai Guru Dev

PS: It's not a religion.

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