Monday, April 09, 2007

No Force or Coersion

How we could sit hour after hour and listen to the same story about enlightenment is unbelievable. Those lecture halls were filled with promising and brilliant people. How could this be except for brain washing? Oh, the frustration of explaining in a coherent way that that is what happened!
His ways are gentle; THERE IS NO FORCE OR COERSION IN TM; ONLY SUGGESTION! Maybe we are all much more suggestible than we think we are. Think about Coca-cola; those icy adds, Santa Claus and cookies, the good times; Coke sells and NO ONE IS FORCING ANYONE TO DRINK.
I think that TM brings up uncategorizable concepts, so that people can't easily say. "OH, that doesn't make any sense!" It talks about a realm of reality or so called reality that most of us here in the West have never heard of; no wonder we don't know what to do with the information! So, we just figure there's something else to learn and we go sign up for the Magical Mystery Tour, as the Beatles described the new life that comes of it!

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