Saturday, May 12, 2007

Age, Rounding , and Enlightenment

Some ananysists think that TM is a curve type cult realtionship. Some people may be into it on the outside fringes and not at all be affected by the inner circle of cult like control and influences. I personally feel there may be danger in simple doing the technique regularly because nobody really knows what it is except maybe some Buddhist that I haven't heard from yet. But it is obvious that many people practice TM without being dragged into the bottom gutters of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ism.Age and rounding could have something to do with this. I began it at age 18, and I believe that the age a person starts the discipline may have a bearing on his/her interpretation of what is happening. I was very easily tranced and even more easily convinced that I had reached the shores of enlightenment, so I sought deeper experience quickly and was rounding by the time I was 19. There was no base referece point for which I could catagorize my experience. I was drowning in the opium of dissacociation.
I now think it is in no way as a means to enlightenment. The greatest enlightenment I got from it was that it doesn't lead to enlightenment! Another point I'd like to make is that after 7 years of TM and becoming a TM teacher, I still don't know what enlightenment is according to Mahesh. Does anybody else? ENLIGHTENMENT is such a catchy word; has anybody studied the "Enlightnment" as a part of European history? I sometime think that if we knew our history better, we'd know that this word has other meanings besides a Eastern Mysticism and maybe we wouldn't be so vulnerable to this sweet sounding hummmm of TMmmmm.

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