Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Photos of Charlie & Helen Lutes with the Maharishi

Apparently a devotee of Charlie's has put together a fascinating collection of photos from the movement early days. For those who don't know Charlie, he was one of the Maharishi's first devotees in the US in 1959. He worked closely with the Maharishi when the Transcendental Meditation movement was known as the Spiritual Regeneration Movement. Later, after Jerry Jarvis became the operational head of the movement in the U.S., Charlie was apparently tossed aside as an embarrassment. Charlie never took part in the later movement developments, such as the TM-Sidhis, claiming that they were too powerful and that he and Helen were afraid they would misuse them. The Spiritual Regeneration Movement was never disbanded -- to my knowledge, at least -- and Charlie continued to travel and lecture about the "spiritual side" of the TM movement. Charlie and Helen passed away within months of each other in 2001.

(H/T to Abraham for the site)


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