Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Raja speaks : It's your fault/obligation. Please come!

Invincible America

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September 24, 2007

Dear Fellow Governors and Sidhas:

I had the great honor of announcing in July to Maharishi and the world press the results of the first year of our Invincible America Assembly.

The news was excellent-and exactly what we had predicted one year earlier: a record-breaking stock market and a surprisingly robust economy; mounting bipartisan support for a peaceful resolution of the Iraq conflict; improved relations with North Korea, including an unexpected treaty; and fewer natural disasters (in fact, no hurricanes hit the US mainland in over a year-defying the predictions of every respected meteorologist in the country!).

The cause of such extraordinarily good news is an established scientific fact: nearly 1800 Yogic Flyers assembled together in groups in Maharishi University of Management and Maharishi Vedic City-enough to create a high degree of coherent national consciousness-the basis for a healthy, peaceful, prosperous, invincible nation.

But now, two months later, it's a different story. The market has turned volatile, peace efforts in Iraq have stalled, and US-Iran relations are flaring up again.

Why? There are now up to 200 fewer Yogic Flyers in the flying halls.

I write to every Yogic Flyer in America to give a gentle but urgent call: Please come here and fly together in a large group! We must immediately bring our numbers up again above the super radiance threshold of 1730. And ideally, we must increase those numbers to 2000 and beyond!

Yes, it is true that more Vedic Pandits are on their way from India and should be here in a few months. And their arrival will certainly raise our numbers.

But the Vedic Pandits should come here to "crown the nation with invincibility"-not to lay the groundwork. Creating national coherence is the responsibility of all American Yogic Flyers-including all of us who are blessed to be living in this sublime community.

Please come. You will hasten the rise of your own supreme enlightenment and enjoy life in a state of perpetual bliss consciousness. And you will radiate your bliss to America and the world.

Thank you so much.

Jai Guru Dev


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