Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Even Better: Nader Calls Maharishi the "Lord"!

Can you have a non-religion headed by a Divine Incarnation? We're to understand Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is our "Guru Dev"!
Maharaja Nader Raam's Message to Maharishi
12 January 2008

Your gift of infinite silence, eternal peace, with none other than you in it – I embraced, my Lord, with joy and it filled me with bliss.

In it You breathe life into Ved. Your thoughts are pure knowledge.

In it You leave nothing to be desired. There is no need, no want.

You are the soul of all that there is: Atma, Brahm, eternal freedom, totality, unboundedness. Tender softly permeating everything, all encompassing, binding the loose ends of creation, unifying all opposites, resolving all conflicts.

You are and give meaning and all the glory to silence, that gift of Guru Dev, that which You taught us to be Guru Dev. With Your grace, my Lord, my silence has been full.

Please, today do not wish us to experience its emptiness. I shall remain in it, but, please, do not take away from me the hope to be always able to open my eyes and say: Jai Guru Dev. For other than to You and under your guidance to whom shall I speak?

Yes, of course, You say and I know, You will be with me forever and my task will be easy keeping You company in silence. But why, suddenly today, I feel the need to speak and the need to tell You again and again and never loose the chance to be able to tell You again how much I adore you.

Yes, I know that we will be together unified and strong with you, for there is nothing in us other than You and I see the day, when I will be fulfilled again, that day which I cannot wait for too long, that day when everyone alive on this planet earth will in every breath in his heart and mind uphold Your silence – Your Guru Dev, our Guru Dev. Only on that day, maybe, I will stop missing you.

Jai Guru Dev

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