Friday, February 15, 2008

embracing Mind

B. Alan Wallace and Brian Hodel bring us a new book, published just last week: Embracing Mind.

The book's subtitle tells the whole story: The Common Ground of Science & Spirituality.

Personally, nobody made "science" quite such a bad word for me as the TMO types who brandied about the word, waved charts, babbled on about "studies have shown" and just generally behaved like voodoo practitioners expecting that all concerned might transform into obedient automatons (a.k.a. convert zombies).

This new book, published by Shambhala, is summarized in the following non-TMO concept:

Since the mind is a primary instrument that allows scientific theory and understanding to occur, should not a thorough and rigorous study of all aspects of that instrument itself be undertaken in order to better assess scientific theory and understanding?

B. Alan Wallace founded the Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies ( to explore the integration of scientific approaches and contemplative models.

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