Thursday, March 27, 2008

Multi Cult-uralism

I've been thinking of an essay about post TM multi Cult-uralism, describing the many former TMers who merrily hop to other cultic groups.

Many former TMers, having awakened to the scam of TM and Maharishi, seek other leaders to define and direct their life with mystical life forces or charismatic pseudo-leaders.

Many jumped to a new mystical guru, Opus Dei, the fundamentalist Church of Christ, Mormon Church, Landmark Education, or entered into cultic relationships. They continue speaking with cult cliches.

A few began their own cult-like organizations, establishing themselves as pseudo-guru. That would be another essay!

I cannot tell you how many said, "Gina, we're still spiritual. We found another teacher, come visit him with us." As if spirituality requires a guru or narrowly defined lifestyle. Out of respect for lifelong loved ones, I visited various teachers and groups. The same loved ones imply that my life is without meaning because I decline group involvement.

So many former TMers continue to require group definition, or continue to believe as Maharishi taught, that a 'living master' is necessary for a meaningful life. They believe the group dynamic validates their individuality.

Cult dynamics continue as followers remain in adolescent adulation, relinquishing life direction, identity and decisions to "a higher authority."

Personally, I consider the "group high" akin to social heroin.
Does decades in a cult create such insurmountable internal fear that a person cannot stand on his or her own?

The quivering-in-one's-boots phase is real but it passes as one gingerly takes the first step and the next until, building strength and endurance, eventually running through one's self-defined life! Freedom is delicious!

But, lo, I've been too busy to write the essay.

Instead, a Canadian reporter spared me the effort. She visited Fairfield and described the continued cult mindset of many who left TM. For a post-TM inspired vision of the gods that direct us, and our human pursuit of their blessings, please read :
Mantra Meditation Reveals a Hidden Agenda: Are the Gods Alive and Well and Working Towards the 'New World Order'


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