Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rick Ross's Anti-Cult Site Under Attack

Earlier this evening, I received this note from a reader of Rick Ross's excellent anti-cult site, as well as his heavily trafficked message board Apparently a disgruntled individual has submitted the site to several denial of service attacks -- effectively knocking the site off the air. Rick Ross's system administrator is asking all interested parties to post the following message anywhere available across the Web.

Please share the love and show our compadre in arms some support.


Hello everybody

I am your system administrator, the one that has been fighting DDoS attacks for six months now trying to keep this message board and up and running. I made a posting here yesterday asking for your help, but not many people have seen it there. So I'm repeating it here:

This message board is now again the target of a massive DDoS attack. That's why everything is slow and unresponsive right now and that's also the reason why the board was down all of the weekend 7-9 March. The attacker is the same fruit basket that has been attacking ever since September last year: Bruce Raisley.

After almost six months of this shit, it really has to stop. And the way to stop it is to make the attacks counterproductive for Raisley himself. That's where you can help.

Please create a page on as many free websites and blogs as you can find and post this article on them. Post it also in newsgroups and message boards. Share it over your e-Mule, Kazaa and whatever bittorrent tracker you happen to like. With your help we can have the article on several hundred distinct URLs within a day or two, so that Raisley finally realizes that attacking this site is not in his best interest.

If you are willing to help, please e-mail me at the URLs of the websites and blogs that you create. And let's show that bastard the power of a collective response to his aggression and arrogance.

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