Friday, May 30, 2008

Thirty Years Later - the next generation's satire

A generational cohort of "kids" raised in TM and Fairfield are now in their thirties and younger.
They continue to support one another with friendships forged through shared confusion.

An insightful myspace site unites them after leaving childhood "utopia" to enter the "world of ignorance."

Myspace profile for "Children of the Golden Spaceships"

Read comments, view videos of Lynch w/ Raja while listening to Mother Divine voices - for shared memories, frustration, and looney loved ones still captured in group-think.

Be sure to scroll down their site for enlightening videos and comments!

Some "kids"continue familial devotion to Maharishi, blaming Movement dysfunction upon TM's administrative space-cadettes.

Others are angry about MVED's slick scam which governed their lives.

By and large, their lifelong friendships support one another across the belief spectrum.

While I am not of this cohort (I preceded them & babysat during their preschool years), all can appreciate enlightened satire!

Enjoy! Enlightenment at its finest!

Myspace profile for "Children of the Golden Spaceships"

AND.. more tongue-in-cheek! Myspace profile for Maharishi Mahesh Yogi - while Donovan sings "Hurdy Gurdy Man" and links to our long-lost "family"!

g :)

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