Friday, June 06, 2008

Shattering the Glass House

The cultic relationship, or so it seems to me, is far more transparent than our own perception - at least our perception at the time of dwelling in what is, essentially, a glass house. So many can see in and so few can see out, yet the glass remains glass, not more, not less.

One of our contributors suggested looking into compiling statements about what was the "last straw" or the "golden wakeup moment" that "liberated" us from that dwelling or mind-set. I thought it might be useful to compile those stories, if anyone cares to share, in one place. I have put the rudiments of a beginning together, here. Perhaps, at some point, this entire thread can be put somewhere in the material on the right of our Blog for future reference or reporting -

(Sudarsha, another research project for you?) to learn what was the "final straw" for each individual who left the TM movement. ...
Laurie | 06.06.08 - 11:06 am |

Very interesting, Laurie. I hadn't thought of this particular body of possible data. For myself, I'm not exactly when the straw came along, the "golden wakeup moment" -

Maybe when I asked Mahesh for something to help me get stronger and he more or less laughed at me and said 'first get stronger and then ask' that started the ball rolling, The rolling stone actually had been gathering moss for a long time and now it was getting too obvious to not see.

But, I really don't know.

If people are interested in contributing their "exit" stories, their "golden wakeup moment[s]" I'd be happy to put them in some form (don't know what yet).

Anyone who is interested can send stories to

But I think maybe it would also be good to share them here as well because it might be helpful for everyone.
Sudarsha | 06.06.08 - 12:08 pm |

My wake up call came when my good friend who was one of MMY's lawyers and also a Siddhi instructor quit the biz because he realized he "wasn't teaching anything" AND confessed that it was his job to procure chicks for the Rish.
I called my bestest buddy, who had worked at the center with me and gone to teacher training with me, at MIU, and told her about MMY's lack of fidelity to his supposed celibacy and she hung up on me.
I never heard from her again......all the friends are gone.....and I started waking up with a 'start'!
ANANDA | 06.06.08 - 2:59 pm |

I sense in your words, Ananda, that you have successfully balanced loss and gain, past and present, present and future. If we are dying of thirst, even the most evil person we know can give us a glass of water. Whether or not such a person chooses to might be another story, of course. But what Mahesh gave or with held is not the case. What is the case is that we chose, we decided we took charge and broke the cultic relationship.

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