Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Comment Problems -- & Stopgap Solution

Hello John--

Just a note to tell you that ever since the new comment system went up, I often get a pop-up that tells me that Internet Explorer need to "abort the operation" and then I have to shut the page down. It doesn't always happen, but I'd say about 75% of the time it does. Also, when I am able to access the site, I do not see any link to comments. I have been unable to read or post comments since the new system went in. (except for the first line of the comment on the side-bar) I don't post often, but I do enjoy reading the comments and I'd like to be able to post when I do have a comment. How are people reading comments now? I don't see any link and when I try to click on the comments in the side bar nothing happens.


I'm sorry for your difficulties -- AND you are not alone. I have the technical support team at Intense Debate working on this very problem. If you're game, apparently there are no problems using Firefox 3 -- so you might want to install it for free.

But I don't expect you to switch browsers just to use the comment system. It might be a stopgap solution, however.

I'm promised a technical fix later today, so I hope all will be well after that.

Again, thanks for writing -- and for your patience.