Wednesday, July 02, 2008

End of New Comment Experiment

Sadly, Intense Debate was not able to fix our new comment system at this time. I am in the midst of reverting to Haloscan.

I want to be clear. I believe IntenseDebate has a superior product and the best customer service I've bumped into. Especially for a free service.

I believe the problems we had, which were not shared by other IntenseDebate solutions, had to do with some HTML/XML coding unique to our site.

We just ran out of time waiting for the problem to be tracked down. We were losing readers -- and even more importantly commenters. As I've said before, the comments have become an ever more important part of the TM-Free experience. Often times the thoughts and shared experiences of the commenters are more central to our purpose than the blog posts themselves.

I hope to have everything back to "normal" very quickly.

Please email me with any problems you experience:

Thanks for your patience. And sorry for all the inconvenience.


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