Friday, July 25, 2008

First Major Schism in Transcendental Meditation Org?

According to a thread over on Fairfield Life, a press release announces that Mahesh's nephew, Girish Varma/Verma has started a breakaway organization in India. The new org calls itself the "Maharishi World Peace Movement" and claims to be separate from the Vlodrop-based movement. According to a MOU channel viewer, Bevan was taken by surprise by this, and insisted that Nader and company are the appointed succesors to Mahesh.

BTW, most of the world is left out in the cold by the MWPM. Varma's web site says membership is open to "Indian citizens only."

Thanks to Mike Doughney for the heads up on this

Update1: Press Release from

Update2: Girish Varma apparently (former?) Minister for Higher Education for the Global Country

Update3: Varma mentioned as one of the Maharishi's successors

Update4: TM is cheap in MWPM: children can learn for about USD $7, adults for about $21, converting the rupee figures mentioned on the website.

Update5: MWPM is part of the Maharishi's legacy, according to an email I received from their "Communications Office." Apparetly this is not a "schism."
Dear John,
Maharishi World Peace Movement is part of Maharishi’s Global Movement and Maharishi Global Country of World Peace. This has been established from Guru Purnima 18 July this year to bring Maharishi’s programme to large number of people in India. MVED is one of the organisation like ours of Maharishi’s movement.
With all the best wishes
Communication office

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