Sunday, March 08, 2009

"Urgent" TMer Viral Email Organizes against DailyKos Diary

Just got a copy of a "viral" email being spread in the TM community suggesting action online against "one of the Internet's biggest anti-TM cheerleaders."

I'm not sure the emailer realizes that DailyKos diaries scroll off the new list within an hour and typically aren't read after that.

Or that the poll in my diary is more of a device to increase interaction than it is to produce meaningful results.

But I do appreciate their efforts to publicize the diary. The more who read, the better!

And I think this is information that Paul and Ringo should have. They're adults. They can choose for themselves any action that they feel is appropriate about the McCartney/Lynch benefit concert to raise funds to teach Transcendental Meditation in the public schools.

Apparently the email author doesn't trust his audience to choose "right" under their own power. He feels it's necessary which poll answer to pick!

If you're interested in reading the diary TMers feel so desperate to mobilize against, click here.

And I'd be happy to see your participation in the poll -- no matter what answer you choose for yourself!

Dear John,
As you can see from this e-mail, people are told what to vote in the poll. In my father's and grandfather's day, churchgoers were told from the pulpit by the priest during his homily which party to vote for
(this was in Canada), and the congregation were expected to comply. This does not seem any different and is precisely why CHurch and State separation gives people the freedom to vote as they see fit, free of pressure, intimidation, coercion and undue influence.
From: Larry Decter
Date: Sat, Mar 7, 2009 at 6:28 PM
Subject: FW: urgent: daily kos, PLEASE VOTE

One of the Internet's biggest anti-TM cheerleaders is doing his best to smear the Movement in advance of the upcoming David Lynch benefit concert. There is concern from the organizers of the concert that some of his slander may get reported to Paul and Ringo. Please click on the following link, then scroll down a couple of screens to the Poll, select the first option as indicated below, and click Submit.

Then, please forward this to all your friends in the Movement. Thank you.


Clear Church/State Violation: TM in Public School (Poll) Poll

Are you concerned about TM being taught in public schools?
I am concerned about Churh/State issues, but think TM in schools is

Anyone can vote without signing in.

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