Friday, April 17, 2009

Reader Comments on TM Recertified Governors' Program

I am quite behind on my email. I received the following post from an anonymous commenter on TMFB.

To many TM initiators, this latest push by the TMO to teach one million children to meditate IMO represents the fulfillment of Maharishi's promise that one day they would all be wealthy. Those that answered the "call of revival" by participating in the first recertification course (300+) were promised $4000 per month if they agreed to be full-time and follow all the programs/procedures as outlined below in the written resolution that everyone took before performing puja…and it appears from MVED's balance sheets in recent years that these first recertified initiators did indeed receive and continue to receive these salaries in spite of the success of their various activities in the field. It was like a sales meeting that any large and failing corporation has in order to inspire its remaining employees to get the money flowing again. (BTW, the salaries of later recertified teachers...referred to as independent contractors...are based on a percentage of the income that they generate through their activities.) Relatively recently, Hagelin removed the cap on recertified initiators' salaries such that they are virtually unlimited. IMO, this latest push is like the proverbial carrot (but this one is golden!) being dangled in front of their faces, so is it any wonder that many of them are so adamant about pushing this program through and wanting it to succeed. In their eyes, failure is not an option because then what would be their source of income if the entire corporation fails??? From every side, it's all about the money!!!

I resolve today on the auspicious day of Rām Navami of the Vedic Calendar, April 18, 2005, to be an exponent of Total Knowledge of Natural Law for my city and for the 4-5 surrounding towns of which I will take care—to bring all the programs of Vedic Education, Vedic Health, Vedic Architecture, Vedic Organic Agriculture, Vedic Music, Vedic Economy, and Vedic Administration, as brought to light by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, by establishing Peace Palaces that will bring enlightenment to the population under my care and create a powerful influence of harmony and coherence and permanent world peace with Invincibility for every nation. In order to achieve this, I will dedicate myself full time to the activity of Director of the Peace Palace, and undertake to start my activity by:
• Maintaining my long program morning and evening
• Never engaging in anything that I know to be wrong
• Renting space for a Peace Palace office in a mall or similar facility
• Arranging for secretarial services for each location
• Advertising in local and regional newspapers, amongst others
• Offering the 55 Peace Palace services and types of products in each Peace Palace
• Opening a local bank account
• Maintaining the two channels of activities—for men and ladies
• Finding 4-5 assistants initially, and soon after, 4-5 assistants for each location under my care
• Engaging 4 massage therapists straight away for the first location, and soon after, for each location under my care
• Locating the land for Peace Palace construction and for Peace Colonies to offer Vastu homes to the population of the city
• Using the computerized system of administration

The 55 items of activity and services of the Peace Palaces include the World Peace Bonds, donations, and membership fees, which it will be my joy to utilize in raising at least one half the cost of one Peace Palace in order to have a groundbreaking ceremony for that city. I will go on to join the Raja Training—having organized the construction of the Peace Palace to start and be completed by the time I finish my Raja Training Course. Having undergone this recertification program I will take all these steps so that, on this Guru Purnima, the full moon of July 2005, my city will welcome the descent of Heaven on Earth—the descent of Satya Yuga saying bye-bye to Kali Yuga.

I pay homage to Guru Dev and the Holy tradition of Vedic Masters through all the levels of Rajas and Maharaja of the Global Country of World Peace—the State Rajas, the National Rajas and the Global Maharaja—reaching the holy tradition of Vedic Masters whose guiding light, His Divinity Bramhananda Saraswati, has blessed the world with this whole knowledge of Enlightenment to the individual and Invincibility to the nation. Jai Guru Dev..

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