Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Still Dreaming After All These Years

Even though I left the TM movement in 1981, I still often dream about life in the TM world. I have even had some dreams more than once. I thought I was the only one still dealing with TM in my dreams.

Recently, in chatting with other former TMers, I discovered that other people too, even people who have been out of TM for decades like me, have dreams about TM. We even discovered that some of us have virtually the same dream! We were surprised to see how much fun it was to share our dreams. We were also pleased to find how healing it was, for us to tell each other our TM dreams.

Do you have TM dreams? If so, I invite you, if you'd like, to share them here. Dreams can be revealing, so please only share what you're comfortable sharing. Or send your comment anonymously - and make sure that the "Comments" page doesn't accidentally pull up your real name as well as your pseudonym.

To start the ball rolling, I will share some of my TM dreams.

1) I'm on a one-month residence course. I wonder what I'm doing here, since I'm of course now out of TM. I refuse to meditate for the entire course.

2) Maharishi is teaching a new meditation technique. Due to stupidity or stubbornness on my part, I have refused to learn it. Now I realize that this technique was "the big one" - if only I had learned it, then my life would truly be marvelous. All my friends who learned it are performing miracles, making great spiritual progress.

3) I attend a TM course and share TM-Free, minet, trancenet etc. type materials with the other course participants.

4) I'm on a TM course, and I refuse to learn an advanced technique. Then I regret it, because this is "the big one." I trick some course participants into telling me how to do the technique, and I realize it's a dumb technique that wouldn't have improved my life anyhow, and I basically already have that technique.

5) My sister (she was a governor in real life) is on a new 6-month course. She will for sure come out of this course enlightened or immortal or something like that. The world will soon be destroyed by pollution or nuclear bombs, and only the people on that course will survive. I regret that I've turned away from the TM path.

6) I'm living at M.I.U. again. "What am I doing here?" I ask myself. "Didn't I promise myself that I was through with the TMO?" I'm conflicted about leaving, however, and am scared about returning to the non-TM world.

7) The TMO is offering a new technique. I excitedly sign up for it, hoping I'll have a great breakthrough from it. At the last minute, I realize that their price of $500 for a one hour lesson is a rip-off - easy money for them and probably the technique will be of no benefit to me.

8) Maharishi wants to teach us a new technique, but to get it, we have to do the puja in front of him. I'm so embarrassed that I've forgotten how to do the puja after all these years of anti-TMing. I'm scared of what he'll do or say when I do it wrong.

Well, there they are. Now it's your turn to share, if you'd like, your thoughts about dreaming about TM.

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