Monday, May 04, 2009

Transcendental Meditation Cashing in on McCartney -- Yet Again!

Received this in the email recently. I see Seinfeld and McCartney and all I can think of is Tom Cruise shilling for Scientology. Am I alone in this?

One million at-risk youth will soon be able to learn the Transcendental Meditation® technique.

Last week’s “Change Begins Within” Benefit Concert at Radio City Music Hall was a grand success. The goal of this event was to increase awareness of the value of the Transcendental Meditation technique for children, and to raise the funds to teach one million at-risk children around the world to meditate.

It was a star-studded evening of exuberant celebration. World-class performers like Bettye Lavette, Moby, Sheryl Crow, Ben Harper, Eddie Vedder, Donovan, Paul Horn and Jim James thrilled the audience as a prelude to the incredible musical performances by Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney.

As part of an interlude while bands were changing, Jerry Seinfeld made a surprise appearance and delighted the audience with an especially brilliant performance. When he began his monologue by saying, “I have been meditating for 37 years,” the entire audience just cheered.

“I have been meditating
for 37 years,”
—Jerry Seinfield

Positive press coverage appeared in thousands of media reports all over the world. Here is a brief selection:

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