Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Transcendental Meditation Wants YOU to Contribute for Hindu Rituals

Yet another anonymous contribution by a TMFB reader.

And yet more proof TM is no religion!

I'm having a hard time with the thought that the more the TM Organization publicizes and markets, the more readers TMFB will gain.

Note that, far from backing away from the Hindu Yagya (yajna) program, Transcendental Meditation is going high profile. Perhaps a reader can help me sort out the logic of that at the same time they are claiming not to be a religion in order to sneak TM into public schools?

National Maharishi Yagya® Performances
to Create a Vedic Civilization in Your Country
Laying the Foundation for Heaven on Earth

Starting on the Day of Lasting Achievements (27th April, 2009) a series of Maharishi Yagya performances has begun in India, requested by responsible citizens who have come forward to sponsor National Maharishi Yagya performances for their country. If you wish your country to progress, you are invited to participate in creating an ideal Vedic civilization which brings peace, prosperity, health and happiness to all your people. One inspired individual may be enough to enlighten the whole country. For those countries that have found supporters new sets of National Maharishi Yagya performances commence on:

1. 23rd June to 3rd July 2009 (first set)
2. 9th July to 19th July 2009 (second set)

Contributing to the Maharishi Yagya performance makes you the instrument through which the effects of the Maharishi Yagya program flow to your country. This also makes you a participant in Maharishi’s global plan to create Heaven on Earth and gives you the rare opportunity to accumulate life-supporting effects for your own life in a more holistic way.

Vedic Civilization is based on both Knowledge and Action for Maximum Progress of Individual and Nation
Progress walks on two feet: rest and activity. The resting foot provides a firm basis on which the other foot can move ahead. The Transcendental Meditation program gives the experience of transcendental consciousness and provides deep rest to mind and body, which creates the basis for maximum and successful activity in ordinary waking state. As the mind is experiencing deeper and deeper levels of consciousness knowledge increases until, on the level of pure consciousness, total knowledge (the Veda) is cognized. It is the power of knowledge, Gyanshakti (Gyan = knowledge, Shakti = power) which pulls the mind in the inward direction, in a process that is automatic and spontaneous.

This level of total knowledge is the seat of all the Laws of Nature, which makes it a field of all possibilities. From this field of all possibilities action arises that manifests the next step of progress in accord with all the Laws of Nature. The outward direction of the mind is also automatic and spontaneous and is brought about by the power of action, Kriyashakti (Kriya = action, Shakti = power).

Maharishi’s Global Plan for an Ideal Administration is Based on both Gyanshakti and Kriyashakti

Maharishi has designed his ideal global administration in accordance with the Vedic principles for maximum progress and success, consisting of two branches representing Gyanshakti and Kriyashakti.

Maharishi’s global plan for an ideal administration is based on the establishment of large groups of Vedic Pandits who through their Vedic Yagya performances and their Yogic Flying enliven Gyanshakti, the power of knowledge, in world consciousness. To increase the effectiveness of these groups of Vedic Pandits, they will be placed in strategic points in India: In the Brahmasthan of India which is the center of India and the Global Capital of Raam Raj; in the twelve Jyotirlingas in India, the seats of Shiva, the eternal silence of pure consciousness; and in the 48 Brahmananda Saraswati Nagars that are connected with the 12 Jyotirlingas and which Maharishi has named in honor of his enlightened teacher, Swami Brahmananda Saraswati.. To further spread the power of knowledge, teams ofMaharishi Vedic SM Pandits covering all areas of Vedic knowledge—such as Yoga, Jyotish, Ayurveda, Sthapatya Veda, etc.—along with a bigger group of Maharishi Vedic Pandits skilled in Maharishi Yagya performances will be deployed in all the 192 countries around the world.

The Vedic knowledge enlivened by Gyanshakti, the power of knowledge, forms the basis on which Kriyashakti, the power of action, can build a Vedic civilization, every aspect of which is permeated by Vedic principles. For this purpose Maharishi has trained responsible and devoted citizens in Vedic principles and techniques and had them crowned as Rajas, the Vedic rulers of society. As his last wish Maharishi asked the Rajas for a gift, his Guru ‘Dakshin.’ He asked them to build Towers of Invincibility in every country—a home for Vedic Pandits, a home for Gyanshakti—where all areas of Vedic knowledge would be vibrant for all times to come. When Gyanshakti and Kriyashakti are both working together hand in hand and in mutual harmony, progress for the individual and for the nation is maximum, thereby creating Heaven on Earth.

An Invitation to Support your Country by Contributing to the National Maharishi Yagya Program
Every contribution is welcome. If your contribution meets a minimum level of $1,250.00, your name will be included in the Sankalpa of the Maharishi Yagya performance. In this case you may select one of the Maharishi Yagya performance purposes listed on the donation form to be part of the Sankalpa. Also, you may have the performance done for any country of your choice. The Maharishi Yagya performance purposes listed on the donation form are part of the National Maharishi Yagya program and do not require a Comprehensive Life Kundali or Maharishi Yagya performance recommendation.. They enhance life in a general way in the direction indicated by those purposes. However, they do not replace planetary Maharishi Yagya performances for the individual to protect one from harmful influences, or special Maharishi Yagya performances to promote specific desires. For such individual-specific purposes, please contact your national Maharishi Jyotish services coordinator or Maharishi Yagya program office. Please feel free to share this knowledge and forward this email to your relatives and friends. Anyone who would like to join the mailing list for the National Maharishi Yagya performances and other Maharishi Jyotish and Maharishi Yagya services can do so at this link:
Jai Guru Dev

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