Thursday, July 16, 2009

Transcendental Meditation Teacher Training Goes Through Changes

An anonymous TMFB reader has sent me an email promoting an upcoming Transcendental Meditation® Teacher Training Course (TTC) to be offered at Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa, from September 30, 2009 to February 17, 2010

Some info from the email:

  • "Please feel free to forward this message to any Meditator and Sidha you know."
  • It appears the structure of Phase I, II, and III has been done away with. Citizen Sidhas will become teachers after a single, 4 1/2-month course. (There are special arrangements being made for applicants who do not have the sidhis.)
  • "Each course participant is required to indicate before the course which Maharishi Invincibility Center they will associate with after graduation."
  • "There will be separate courses for men and ladies." No mention of special arrangements for couples.
  • "TTC fee is US $14,500." Courses in the 19070s cost about $4,000, however allowing for inflation, the course actually costs less than in the past.
  • "Transportation to and from the course, visa application fee, health care insurance, and any other personal expenses are the responsibility of each course participant."
  • "For more information about the course,... please contact the following: For US citizens:; For Canadian citizens:"

Please note that TMFB does not recommend involvement with any Transcendental Meditation program. This material is presented only to educate and to spur discussion.


With our very best wishes

Jai Guru Dev

International Course Office

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