Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Transcendental Meditation, Maharishi University & David Lynch Foundation recruited Bill Clinton to address Native American Conference on TM

Last weekend Maharishi University of Management held a conference on Native American Sustainability and Invincibility, in the Maharishi Patanjali Golden Dome of Pure Knowledge, with an opening video address by former President Bill Clinton.

Perhaps the David Lynch Foundation (DLF) is finding challenges to introduce Transcendental Meditation into America's public schools? By targeting the vulnerable Native American communities, the DLF continues fundraising, providing funds directly to Transcendental Meditation Organizations for spreading Transcendental Meditation and recruitment to the TM Movement.

Former President Bill Clinton provided a video recorded opening address to this publicized Native American conference.

Former President Clinton's talk discussed various Native American problems and the need to increase access to programs to ameliorate their plight of poverty, educational access and health care challenges of Native Americans.

Bill Clinton's address did NOT mention Transcendental Meditation nor Maharishi!

One wonders if Clinton was fully informed of the true nature of this conference?
Did Clinton's aides miss the fact that this is merely a cult front organization for TM publicity and recruitment?

For those who care to inform Clinton that he just participated in an event for a cult-front organization, here's the link to the Clinton Foundation's contact information.

Interesting aside, Hilary Clinton had purposely removed Fairfield, Iowa from her campaign trail thrice during the Iowa caucus. Perhaps Bill's aides should have consulted with Hilary's aides?

A Wall Street Journal article described both Hilary Clinton's cancellations and President Obama's campaign visit to the Guru town of Fairfield, Iowa. Obama's campaign stop in Fairfield included an appropriately Vastu-Vedic east-facing podium and interview on Dennis Raimondi's radio talk show "Speaking Freely with Dennis" (both Raimondi and Obama are Harvard alums).

Unlike Bill Clinton's video address inside the Maharishi-Patanjali Golden Dome of Pure Knowlege, Obama & other campaigning candidates had avoided activities directly associated with Maharishi University of Management.

Please contact Former President Bill Clinton's office and express your concern about his (probably inadvertent) participation in a cult promotional effort.

Addendum added on 9/30/2009 for input from Mike Doughney (he doesn't have time to comment on the blog right now):

Former presidents make their living collecting ridiculous speaking fees. It seems to me that, very little has any effect on what groups former presidents will or will not speak to. Bush 1 has physically spoken before various Moon front groups a number of times over the years. Gerald Ford was used as validation of a controversial Christian youth organization (see the article I co-wrote at barf.org for details on that one). Clinton is doing more of the same. As far as he knows or cares David Lynch's organization asked him to speak on "sustainability" and I doubt he would care that the same organization pushes TM or anything else.

I would use this incident differently, in that it shows that an organization whose core beliefs are completely wacko and destructive has fronts that can appear to be completely legit - to the point of getting Bill Clinton's name associated with them. And then use that to talk about how the inner doctrine and what the organization actually promotes (Vedic supremacy at its core) shouldn't be endorsed by anybody, no matter what Clinton happens to be doing to earn a living.

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