Monday, December 21, 2009

You're Not Crazy--Comments Have Changed

Dear Loyal Commenters,

We are going through some growing pains with our comments. Haloscan is being phased out. We were essentially forced to upgrade to a new comment system with very little notice from Haloscan/JS-Kit.

I think we have ironed most of the kinks as of this morning. If you are having difficulty logging in, posting, or anything else, please contact me at

The good news: There are many improvements to explore.

  • The Recent Comments section in the right-hand column now also includes polls, top comments, and more. Just click on the tabs in the Recent Comments/Navigator box to see them.
  • You can now rate comments by clicking on the "Like" link at the bottom of each comment. When enough votes have been gathered, Top & Hot comments will begin showing in Recent Comments.
  • You can choose to use a Twitter, Google, or other profile to attach to your comments. You can even add a photo or other avatar to your profile and comments. This helps other readers identify your comments quickly.
  • Anonymous posting is working again, after a slight fix.
  • It is now easier than ever to include a graphic, video, or other file with your comment.
  • There are even more html commands you may use in your comments for links, bold, italic, and more. (You should find more info on permitted html here.)
  • You can now read threaded comments. When you reply to someone, it will show beneath their comment. This allows you and others to more easily follow the conversation.
Although this was forced on us somewhat ungracefully, it's my hope that none of our commenters were inconvenienced.

And I hope you enjoy the features of the new system!


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