Saturday, January 23, 2010

King Tony Kronicles- Part 2

This just in, courtesy of Rick Archer at FFL:

I email back and forth with an old friend who is on Purusha and is up in Uttar Kashi. In fact he was the one that told me about Toni's marital status. And then he followed up with this:

"Apparently Raja John (Hagelin) gave a clearer understanding about Raja Ram's situation these days. He said that under M's guidance Raja Raam purchased and lives in a 2 story condo in Paris. He lives on one floor and his family on the other. He spends the vast majority of his time doing the special program that M designed for him and doing research and writing on Ved in the Ramayana, and Movement administration. Raja John said he thought RR is as deeply steeped in silence as any Purusha and maintains what could be called an ideal Purusha program and routine. "

So....we now have the formula for ideal living. The husband lives on one floor while the wife & Fam lives on another!

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