Monday, February 01, 2010

White Folk screwing Natives again? With Transcendental Meditation? Shame, David Lynch!

Many may not know this, but the Transcendental Meditation movement, with the help of David Lynch, is pursuing Native American chiefs to convert them to TM—and associated products.

According to an insider message I received, they are telling chiefs that the Maharishi once said the USA's "enlightenment" will come when Native Americans start TM. The insider claims 22 tribal elders want their tribes to do TM.

As is usual, the message ended with an appeal for funds, saying that while Government funds to subsidize Natives learning funds are on the way—there's an EMERGENCY need to raise $150,000 US in the NEXT TWO WEEKS to keep the program alive.

See, our tax dollars aren't being squandered enough on TM's violations of the separation of Church and State.

Links were provided to David Lynch Foundation or call 1 (323) 874-2467.

Operators are standing by!!!

And the difference between TM's efforts and past attempts to mass convert Native Americans to white religions is different precisely how?

At least they won't throw pox-infected blankets at Natives.

Just useless, fecal-contaminated Ayurvedic products.


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