Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kudos to Dr. Fred Travis of Maharishi U's Transcendental Meditation Research

Fred Travis, Ph.D., professor of Maharishi Vedic Science at Maharishi University of Management, has been participating in discussion on TMFreeblog about his recently published research on Transcendental Meditation and brain functioning.

A couple of scientists, Maharishi's biographer, and other former TMers who are educated about TM's promotional methods are having an interesting discussion with Fred about TM research. We hope this discussion will continue.
We are grateful and honored that Dr. Fred Travis joined us to discuss research on Transcendental Meditation.

We honor Fred's integrity to openly discuss TM research!

Fred, I always liked you, even though I never fully agreed with your conclusions. It's truly an honor to have you here.

You may read Fred's University bio here.
Fred is offering to provide copies of published research so that individuals may intelligently discuss his studies.

In the course of discussion, Fred acknowledged negative side effects seen by long TM rounding programs; he wrote "I am also concerned about the issues you bring up about long rounding. Thank you for bringing these to my attention again."
He also humbly acknowledged, "There are no studies on Yagya, and one on MVVT. Yes, they need to be investigated."

For our TMFreeblogspot readers who are not following this discussion, you might find it of interest - stop by to read comments to the following blog post :
More Doubtful Transcendental Meditation "Research" Clogging the Intertubes by John Knapp.

For more information on Dr. Fred Travis, a google search provides oodles of background about Fred's research and work promoting Transcendental Meditation with brain research, click :
"fred travis" "transcendental meditation"

Again, to Fred, Thank you for stopping by! We hope you stay a while!

Again, the conversation with Dr. Travis can be read in comments to this post:

More Doubtful Transcendental Meditation "Research" Clogging the Intertubes by John Knapp.


Bjarne said...

about 2 years ago I posted this review on TMFB. To the best of my knowledge one of the best on internet and enjoyable for all who want an unbiased view on the the enormous amount of research done on meditation. Since then research on meditation has increased a lot. Its not promoted, however, by press releases to sell a secret product, but done by truly dedicated scientists around the globe. TM has its own place in the present review, but since 1971 TM is not a method that can be reproduced by independent researchers, and THIS is a MUST in science. There is no room for secrets in science. In every single published scintific paper the method used (in this case the meditationtechnique) must be described in a way that enables the independent researcher to reproduce the results.

The Honest Truth About TM said...

Study review:

Gina said...

David Orme-Johnson is here! 

Hi David!... a face from the long past. My best to your wife, Roda (I think I remember her name correctly) and family.

Glad you are here.  Please participate in the conversation.

Your website and research is biased and lacks external verification.

Please answer some of the questionspoised on this forum.

Thank you,
g :)

Seeker said...

Hi Gina...sorry to have to tell you but no he's not. His website is called "Truth About TM". Click on the link provided by Vaj above and it will take you to a pretty good blog that is also critical of TM and the TMO, particularly the research. It's well worth a look. :)

Gina said...

Oops! How embarassing!! Thank you, Seeker, for pointing out my error!

My apologies to Vaj and to both "The Honest Truth About TM" and to David Orme-Johnson for my honest confusion.

I should just KMS (keep mouth shut) for a few days; am out of town w / limited online access, only by cell phone. Cannot easily follow links nor follow conversations.

Vaj, forgive me.

g :)

alex said...

John, how to come on comments of article kudos for fred, it is not possible

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