Thursday, March 04, 2010

Transcendental Meditation European Org Continues to Implode

According to a Danish TV report (English, Danish), "Raja" Bjarne S. Country Feldt of Denmark, is trying to sell off property intended for the "Invincible University of Denmark." This is the second time Bjarne has slashed the price in the last year, but so far no takers.

It may raise fast emergency cash, but his slashed offering price will lose the Danish TM Org 48% of their original investment, a cool £29 million—or $44 million US. [TMFB reader and commenter Darth Veda suggests the Google translation may be in error. It is possible the figure quoted is in DKK, not pounds sterling, and would be exchanged for approximately $5 million.]

If anyone takes him up on it.

Almost certainly the money raised for the "Invincible University" came from wealthy donors. Now that yet another TM dream has gone up in smoke, will they get their money back?

Isn't the name, "Invincible University," just a tad ironic?


P.S. Is it just me, or does King Bjarne look less like King Arthur—and more like the kid in grammar school who always got his ass kicked?

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