Saturday, April 17, 2010

"David Wants to Fly" opening in Toronto

Following the success at the Berlin International Film Festival,

"David Wants to Fly" film will be premiered on North American soil!

It will be screened during the world renowned documentary film festival HOT DOCS in Toronto.

Tue, May 04 9:00 pm Bloor Cinema
Wed, May 05 3:45 pm Cumberland 3

"David Wants to Fly" in Toronto

Trailer for "David Wants to Fly"


Gerry said...

Anybody know when this might make it to theaters in the US and how widely released it will be? 

Regarding the trailer - why were people booing the German Raja?

Gina said...

We will update TMFree readers, as soon as we know, when the film will premiere in the USA.
"David Wants to Fly" will probably begin in film festivals before making the rounds of independent cinemas. The DVD is already listed on Netflix, as not yet available.

Does anyone have a functional link to Raja Emanuel (or was it another Raja?) when he spoke publicly in Germany about invincibility and the audience accused of him of sounding like Hitler?  
All links that I had are now disabled.

g :)

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