Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dennis Raimondi Interviews Jerry Jarvis

Many TM Movement "walkaways" are returning to their memories of the good-old-daze.

Dennis Raimondi's recent interview with Jerry Jarvis, former personal assistant and still devoted to Maharishi, can be heard by clicking here. Other interesting interviews available through the website of Dennis' radio show, Speaking Freely with Dennis on Fairfield's radio station, KRUU-FM.

Information on cult walkaways can be found here and through various cult recovery resources linked on this site and through online searches.

Leaving a cult (in this case TM) does not necessarily equal removal of cult influences from one's mind.

As TMFree readers know, the moderators of TMFree believe that the TMO meets the criteria of a destructive cult. Many well intentioned good people were / are exploited through the TMcult dynamics, with ample loss of money, education, loss of loved ones to a regimented cult dynamic and/or nonsensical thought patterns. We acknowledge that TM group connection has seductive qualities. We do not endorse the TM Movement, nor their propaganda, while we may dearly love some individuals still ensnared in Maharishi's web.

We offer this radio interview link for our readers' interest, not as an endorsement of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi nor of Transcendental Meditation.

For those interested, enjoy Jerry and Dennis rehashing the good-old-daze!

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Sudarsha said...

If Mahesh had had plans that weren't increasingly focused on his own importance, he might have had the good sense, early on, to hand the whole affair over to Jerry. TM wouldn't be any more effective, it is what it is. But, perhaps, TM wouldn't be such a business, such a money-grubbing enterprise bent on sucking the life and finances out of everyone and everything.

I think Jerry could have turned TM into something good, something decent, something worthwhile for others. As it stands, it certainly seems that, if (and I do not believe this actually happened) Guru Dev told Mahesh to teach, then Guru Dev made a colossal blunder.

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