Saturday, May 22, 2010

More on "David Wants to Fly"

Flying yogis and flying millions; Acolyte David Lynch isn't happy with this expose' of Transcendental Meditation by Brian D. Johnson on Wednesday May 19, 2010


FILM Interview with David Sieveking of "David Wants to Fly" May issue, 2010.


Sudarsha said...

Some of the comments to the MacLeans article are a hoot and obviously made by individuals (or a couple of individuals pretending to be a mob) who haven't seen the film.

I suspect that some faction of the TMO is simply out poisoning any well that might have some truth the TMO doesn't like. So, the nastier the comments, the more positive the film must be for those who want to know what the insides of the TMO are doing.

Both articles are a great find, Gina. Many thanks.

LaughingGull said...

I'm afraid you are right Sudarsha about the "...couple of individuals pretending to be a mob." I recognize at least four identities...Tom, Lil Knowledge Kitten (ROTFL!), Laughing Crow, and monkey voodoo...having the same writing style as Tom Ball. My goodness, when does he ever have the time for his program with all the hours he must spend on the computer?!? And why does he feel the need to hide behind so many identities if he's so proud of what he is doing???

Sudarsha said... is another article about David's film with another mob of protesters.

I liked the rather peculiar observation that the TMO sells stuff that works. So when did hopping like a frog become levitation? I guess the lower the TMO's standards, the more they can charge?

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