Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Changes in TM Teachings; Religion; Videotapes

A few of my recent random thoughts on TM that I'd like to share with readers.

Random thought #1.  Changes in TM belief system over the years:

     Example A:  In the early days, the giggling guru told us to judge the value of TM not by the subjective experience during the meditation, but by improvements in one's life.  But recent emails from the TM organization (TMO) inviting people to attend courses often rave about the "deep meditations" and "blissful experience" one can have during these courses, as if that were a worthwhile end in itself.

     Example B: The TMO used to publish studies of dubious accuracy showing that as more and more people practice TM, the quality of life in that vicinity continues to improve.  But recent emails from the TMO emphasize what perilous times we are living in, and how we need to "keep our numbers of meditators up" to prevent calamity.  They have replaced their message of "We are successfully creating Heaven on Earth" with fear-inducing "Danger is around us everywhere, and only we can stop it through ever-more intense devotion to the TMO."

Random thought #2.  Mahesh used to say that "No matter what your religion, TM will make you a better member of your faith.  If you are Christian, it will make you a better Christian; if you are a Buddhist, it will make you a better Buddhist," etc.  I am asking for reader feedback -- did TM make you a better member of your faith?  Or a worse member of your faith?  How so?

Random thought #3.  The audiotapes and videotapes featuring Maharishi or his followers that I had to listen to when I was on courses -- I found them anywhere from (occasionally) interesting to (often) excrutiatingly boring.  What was your reaction to the tapes?     

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