Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Nepalese Earthquake Victims Without Food, Water, Shelter

Recent earthquakes in Nepal have left the populace in crisis.


According to the Oxfam International website:

"...Hundreds of thousands of displaced people need urgent humanitarian assistance now - including children and women who are forced to be out in the open, huddled in groups with no food, safe water, or shelter...." 

According to Maharishi’s Global Family Chat, 16 May 2015:

"A far-reaching and permanent solution to Nepal’s emergency....

...Many people are helping Nepal from many angles at this time. Raja Kingsley presented a...plan to support all efforts from the inside out...[by] enlivening the collective consciousness for permanent harmony on all levels – including environmental....

...Nepal has a rich, unbroken tradition of Vedic Pandits, and currently has 500 Gurukuls (training schools for Pandits)....The first step of the plan is to train Transcendental Meditation Teachers for each Gurukul so they will take care of teaching the students and the local community. The next level is to build five Maharishi Vedic Institute campuses for the training of the Pandit boys when they leave Gurukul. In this way tens of thousands of Maharishi Vedic Pandits can be trained most economically and effectively to support the growth of Nepal....

...Your support will make a difference to how quickly and well Nepal recovers. A powerful emergency programme to create 2,500 Sidhas at a cost $50 each (a total of only $125,000), will create a wave of sustainable coherence...To donate, please visit...."


From a youtube video of MUM students questioning Bob Roth, (vice president of the David Lynch Foundation, which helps spread TM):

"...Student:  Is there any scientific proof that the yagyas work?

Roth:  Let me get back to you on that...."


From  TM-Free Blog article entitled "Regarding Maharishi Yagyas," written by me, and posted May 20, 2014:

"...a TMO [TM organization - ed. note] email from December 18, 2013 states that: 
         '...the National Yagya program is now averaging [i.e., receiving donations of - ed. note]  
         $429,000 USD per month....The whole world is enjoying the blessings of the daily 
That's $5,148,000 a year income for the 'National Yagya program' alone...."


From an anonymous TM-Free Blog follower who sent us the Maharishi Global Family Chat announcement:

"...I can't express how repulsed I am by this low-rent attempt to fund raise."


What do you think?

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