Sunday, February 04, 2018

religion and politics: two sides of the same coin of any given cult

There was, or at least seemed to be, a time, before Mahesh went totally crackers with his narcissistic obsession for fame and fortune, that TM had a side that recognized the personal worth of those who got involved. Individual personal worth wasn't particularly marketable, however (or Mahesh couldn't bother to focus on that kind of thing) and so, it went the way of all flesh before the juggernaut of religion and politics, entities only concerned with their own continued existence.

Religion-Politics, a collective noun meaning me first; CULT = ORGANIZATIONAL survival comes first. Experience demonstrates that "cult" is not all that different from religion-politics, something CNN documents on a daily basis most days and elected officials (appointed favourites in the case of Mahesh and cults) forget and behave as if they never knew their obligations to those who support the cult/religion-political entity.

Since raping and pillaging went out of fashion at the end of the Viking era, what was Mahesh to do for his ego-organization to survive? That, unremarkably, is sadly obvious to everyone, except those true-believers to whom it is totally invisible. But this has not been different with any cult/religion-political-entity. The CULT comes first, and YOU owe it everything (otherwise your personal worth is less visible than a boson particle).

The point of this tiny rant? If it isn't obvious, you are CULT-ified. But, if it is obvious, then, perhaps you owe some obligation to those lost boys and girls still imagining that what they truly fantasize is not the same thing as Reality.

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