Saturday, January 20, 2007

Follow Up on Rumored MUM Suicide January 2007

My good friend in Fairfield checked with TM "village criers." There is no word about a recent suicide on MUM campus.

She said they calmly responded, "THAT one is just a rumor." They continued with their cafe' dinner. Suicides and other tragic stories of medical & financial neglect are common features of TM Organization life.

Then she offered, "But do you want to know about our community suicides of the last year or two? .. one woman put her head in an oven, another man hanged himself in his basement, and someone jumped in front of a moving train. It's all so sad."


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
TM-free blog is not credible, based on the loose reporting of unsubstantiated rumor. Not a good start for a new blog with no record of credibility.
The appearance of this blog seems part of an organized campaign. Mr. Knapp's re-energized attacks are curious. I wouldn't be surprised if his income recently received a significant increase, a fresh infusion of green energy to his accounts,
from a disinformation specialist organization

John M. Knapp, LMSW said...

Your point about unsubstantiated rumor is well taken. I posted a retraction and apology on Fairfield Life. Let me repeat the main points here. First of all, I personally am responsible for posting about the rumored suicide. My fellow editors/authors were not involved in the decision. It was clearly a mistake to publish the note. I believed I had two sources for the rumor, a posting by Doug Hamilton on Fairfield life and a separate email from another source. I've discussed this with my fellow editors, and we've agreed to await official confirmation before posting such news in the future, in other words, confirmation from local media or police. I apologize for this mistake and any confusion or bad feeling it may have caused.

As to your second point,neither I nor my editors have received any financial backing from outsiders. None of us "make our living" through TM criticism. We have attempted to make the Blog widely known because we are proud of our work and believe it serves an important purpose. That's about as organized as we get, however.


Anonymous said...

What important purpose can be accomplished without credibility? Credibility must follow accountability. Being accountable means doing more in an effort to correct the error than
was done in the initial offense.
The retraction posted on another site does not equate a refutation of the false attention-grabbing headline on this blog. A comment posted to the follow-up blog article herein likewise does not equate a refutation.
A separate, clearly stated blog headline and text of admission of error, an apology, and the statement of policy for verification from official sources before publishing such inflamatory info might move in the direction of establishing accountability.
Regarding the denial of making a living off of being a TM critic: How can I trust what you say
about the affairs of others, or of yourself, when I have difficulty trusting what you say?

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