Friday, January 26, 2007

Is TM meditation?

The very name that TM is given is deceptive; that is the power of this particular orgaization. The "technique" that is taught and labeled "meditation" and sold by the Transcendental Meditation organization is a commodity, not meditation in the generally understood sense of the word- a beneficial spiritual tool. The master even denies that it is meditation, because he also calls it a "technique." Now, if that isn't confusion from the top!
TM is not about meditation; it is about putting people into trances so that they will lose a sense of themselves and be more receptive to what the TM philosophy has to say. It is not neutral. I believe that in and of itself, it is detrimental especially to young people, whose brains are still developing, and have even less life experience in which to reference their new naturally induced drug state of mind. It has an opiate effect EVEN IF PRACTICED TWICE A DAY WITH NO EXTENDED MEDITATION COURSES.
People who are regular practitioners of TM are sometimes distant; they believe that their state of mind is "spiritual." They will and do give up anything for their meditation. But who else will do ANYTHING for a hit of something? Yes, I am referring to drug addicts. TM is a rigidly enforced daily practice. It comes with the belief system that the resulting inner feeling is "transcending" and therefore beneficial for the spirit. This connection is the food for thought that the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has provided for filling the understanding gap between the meditator and his/her experience. Yet, there is no initial claim that TM is spiritual and by golly, it's not!

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