Monday, January 22, 2007

Midnight Mantra Madness

Two old-time governors contribute more on mantras for your edification.

For your discussion on mantras:

A number of traditional sources clearly verify that the TM mantras, technically known as bija-aksharas ("indestructible seed-sounds"), are not meaningless but actually have well-defined meanings. In fact there are entire dictionaries of bija mantras like the bija dictionary of Bhairava rishi.

The Brihad-gandharva-tantra (chapter 5) clearly explains:

"The bijas have a meaning. They indicate the Artha or Devata that they are from. What that Devata is, is [supposed to be] taught to the Sadhaka (student), just as the child learns that 'rose' means a certain type of flower, and that rice and milk are the names for a certain type of food and drink he can have."

In any event, here are the meanings of some TM mantras according to the Varada-Tantra to demonstrate:


[The letter] "Ai" [in the mantra] means Sarasvati. Bindu [the "g" at the end of the mantra] means "dispeller of sorrow". This is the bija of Sarasvati. With it Vani or Sarasvati should be worshipped.


"Sa" means Mahalakshmi. "Ra" is said to mean "wealth". "I" means "satifaction". Nada is Apara (Ishvara). Bindu means "dispeller of sorrow". This is the bija of Devi Lakshmi. With it this Devi should be worshipped.


"Ha" means Shiva. "Ra" is said to be Prakriti. "I" means Mahamaya. Nada is said to be Mother of the Universe. Bindu means "dispeller of sorrow". With that Bhuvaneshvari should be worshipped.


And the second revelation to come in was the fifth and sixth advanced techniques, in response to the earlier post of the first four:

Wow, you only had two to go: shri shri aing aing namah namah and then the same thing in rhythm with the pulsing of the heart.

Enjoy! Don't let your head explode!


Sudarsha said...

Just wondering, isn't Aing, Saraswati, the "goddess" of wisdom?

Since it seems all "advanced" techniques come around to having aing as the central mantra

dear, dear AING AIND bow bow

might we just be worshipping Mahesh and his wast wedic wisdom?

Even if he gets it from amateurs, he puts about the rumour that he posses wast wisdom. He teaches higher knowledges courses, he is Sariswati!

dear dear Mahesh Mahesh bow bow

I don't thing so!


Anonymous said...

sudarsha, you need to focus on your own enlightenment, and not be so beholden to your ego.

Marcelo1306 said...

"shri shri aing aing namah namah"

"and then the same thing in rhythm with the pulsing of the heart."

is currently taught in this way? ... or some change is made today?

because in

the sixth technique is to think in the region of the heart, then how to think in the area of the heart while thinking the mantra in the rhythm of the heart?

Sudarsha said...

Hi, Marcelo

Wow, you found a really old item. But your question is interesting, because Mahesh gave me the heart-rhythm technique as my 4th technique. The other mantras and instructions he gave me didn't follow this pattern, either. But there was what Mahesh did (experimented on people) and what others were supposed to do (as they were told). It would be useful to everyone if one or more of the so-called "rajas" got their heads on straight and revealed all. Most is already out on the Internet. But, of course, the great secret is that there never really was a secret. Mahesh made much of personal mantras, but for the first few years gave everyone the same mantra, then one for men, a slightly different one for women. Looking at the Minet record, as you have, it seems a little obvious that finally he just started making up stuff in case people got to comparing notes they'd soon discover that they hadn't been given the same thing and there'd be greater interpersonal argument than any argument with him.

People who argued with Mahesh got banished. Geeze, nobody wanted that! It would be counter to the belief system!

Marcelo1306 said...

Hi Sudarshan, Thanks for your response, yes .. would be interesting if "rajas" reveal all :) you could describe this technique "the heart-rhythm technique the 4th my technique." ? I think is interesting to reveal ..

"The Other mantras and instructions Gave me he did not follow this pattern, Either."

you could describe to all, what were your instructions ?


Sudarsha said...

Hello, again, Marcelo

TM became all about money. The more money, the more reassurance Mahesh had that he was gaining recognition for his self-assumed self-importance!

The heart technique was to let the heart rhythm and the repetition of the mantra be the same (the pumping of the heart and the syllables of the mantra flowed together). Which is kind of contrary to some of the instructions in the checking notes, another example of Mahesh putting stuff in plain sight so we wouldn't notice it!

I got mantras different from the listed ones and different from the formula of shri shri aing aing mamah namah. The repetition is absent, mostly, from what I ended up with.

Sudarsha said...

A caveat is is order. Obviously don't try this. Why?

TM is, essentially, a distraction from what is, also essentially, your own essence. The advanced techniques increased this distraction. Yes, TM as well as the advanced techniques produces something. But that something, like the magician's distraction which produces the illusion of a magic trick, produces the illusion that something good is happening.

Were this true that TM was producing something good, then that good would be obvious outside the closed system of TM. All the fiddled science does not, however, actually show us that good, only that it is imagined.

This particular technique, letting the pulsation of the cardiac muscle repeat the syllables of the mantra, simply accelerates the illusion, the misdirection and the fallacy of TM, yet it also makes TM seem even more important. It's a wonderful formula for either making you feel crazy or, for some, it makes one feel like NOT questioning, NOT thinking, NOT processing ... just following, just participating, just paying more.

If you really want to understand where TM has its origins, where Mahesh learned his mysticism and then added the secrecy of the mantra so he'd have something occult to sell, then read the Upanishads. They are readily available in many translations. Juan Mascaro's are easily available and easy, actually quite elevating, to read. Also, there's S. Radhakhrisnan's very excellent translation with the original Sanskrit and copious explanatory notes.

While I don't know what Mahesh talked about in his "knowledge" takes, I have a feeling that he didn't talk about or encourage reading the Upanishads, the most accessible of all the Vedic literature's massive offering.

Marcelo1306 said...

Sudarshan ... thank you again for your reply

yes .. wonderful everything you wrote, I agree with you, TMO is an industry to make money .. I look at many different techniques, and all very secret, very expensive, I understand the interest of the MMY is to promote world peace, then why MMY promotes policies closed, and keep its system closed for a few people who can pay their courses? ! ... I'll look read on Upanishads, great guide you sent me, thank you:) ...

"I got mantras Different from the ones listed and Different from the formula of shri shri AING AING namah namah. The repetition is absent, mostly, from what I ended up with."

you have received something other than "formula of shri shri AING AING namah namah" ?

you may disclose, describe, list that you have received ?

Sudarsha said...

you have received something other than "formula of shri shri AING AING namah namah" ?

you may disclose, describe, list that you have received ?

No, I'd rather not. I've talked about it before and I don't think it merits any repetition. As I said, Mahesh's techniques give "experience", yes, but that experience only generates craving for more. It's how Mahesh made money because, as I've said, he had to have seen first hand that his technique of TM wasn't delivering what he predicted. It was a spiritual lemon and out of it he made financial lemonade. Nice for him, just more ignorance for everyone else.

Marcelo1306 said...

Dear Sudarshan, I do not know the Upanishads, I'm looking upanihads, but it is a very large text,

I find the mantra of MMY in the Upanishads ? you think that the techniques MMY has roots in the Upanishads ?

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