Monday, January 22, 2007

more about "techniques"

A couple of American initiators who trained in India before my course in the West told me they had been told that if initiating couples together to give both the man's mantra. This was in the days of mantras for men, mantras for women. (This was before gay marriage.)

On my course, His Wholly Weaselness told us that if couples wanted to be instructed together, we should crumple a piece of paper in the face/direction of the other person whilst we gave the mantra to one and then the other way around for the other person. -- I immediately knew that there was no way I could pull off that piece of crap and set it aside.

I learned from an Indian India-trained initiator that on his course he had been given three mantras (I didn't ask what they were). He was taught to ask the person being instructed what god s/he worshipped. If the person said one of the three of his mantras, he was to give the person that mantra. If the person said something else, he was to give the first of his three.

One of the initiators at our Centre, in the days before World Plan Centres, said that Mahesh had giver her and her husband an advanced technique "for couples".

I have no reason to think any of this is rumour. This was told to me by people I trusted, one of them being Mahesh himself. While I would no longer trust Mahesh under any circumstances, still I heard it from him.

Because he gave people pieces of paper in Fiuggi from which to copy the mantras, and because someone left one lying about and because I looked, I do know that Mahesh didn't give all teachers the same mantras. Those were different from mine.

This is obviously not a rumour and raises serious questions about "personal mantras". The instant Mahesh handed me my piece of paper with the mantras written out in his handwriting, I knew that personal mantra was as much a lie as his "Vedic Revelations" had been during the course (about which I spoke previously).


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