Saturday, January 20, 2007

THINK FREE: 01/20/07

THINK FREE is a regular feature of TM-Free Blog. It features a summary of news about TM and other orgs labeled "cults" by critics.

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Anonymous said...

Yesterday John Knapp posted a more legitimate retraction to Fairfield Life:

We didn't start the rumor, but did report. We picked up the news from an anonymous submitter to the blog and then read Doug Hamilton's posting on FFL.

We later retracted the story because we couldn't confirm it through authorities.

We clearly made a mistake in publishing our post. We believed we had two sources, but without names and details and official confirmation we should not have posted the story.

It's a mistake we will not make again.

I commented as follows:

Gina's post on TM-Free hardly constitutes a "retraction," John. It says in essence, "Ooops, we may have screwed up by publishing this bad stuff, but here is some *other* bad stuff you should know about the group we're dedicated to writing bad stuff about."

Hint: I think it's nice to claim that you published a "retraction," but other than this post to FFL, I don't see one. So far there have been two different stories presented on FFL -- one claiming information from the Sheriff's office that such an event did take place, and others suggesting that it didn't. I suggest that we all wait to see which is which and then those who were mistaken can say so clearly, not with a cheap-shot "Yeah, I might have been wrong about that first smut I posted, but here's some more smut for you."

For a blog that claims to be "99 and 44/100ths TM-free," that 56th of a percent is looking more than a little obsessive.

-- Barry Wright
Long-time critic of TM who believes that if you want this blog to be considered a real source of information, you should act like responsible people, not like fanatics with an axe to grind. So far, you're doing a remarkable job of the latter.

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