Monday, February 19, 2007

Our Mission Statement

We are 5 weeks into this project. We are running over 1,000 visitors and nearly 3,000 pageviews a week. And we are just getting around to publishing our Mission Statement. Please understand that this is a living document, still growing and changing. But we hope this first incarnation meets with your approval. Please click on "Comments" below and let us know what your think.

TM-Free Blog is an educative tool for those determined to live Transcendental–Meditation- and cult-free. It is the project of a small group of former TM Teachers and veterans.

We intend this blog to be a resource for people considering starting the practice of TM, as well as those leaving -- or who have already left -- any of the Transcendental Meditation Organizations founded by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. We also offer information we hope will help therapists understand their TM-affected clients.

Trained in a variety of professions, coming from differing backgrounds, we contributors embrace a variety of viewpoints and disagree freely on the best ways to support those who use us as a resource. But we remain united in our support for the community we serve.

Our experience tells us that leaving TM challenged us in all areas of life, including friendships, love relationships, finances, community, law, spirituality, recreation, physical well-being, and mental well-being. We hope to offer insight and support in all these areas -- from our differing perspectives.

Our postings may contain humor, at times, directed toward what we perceive as the hypocrisy of public figures – including the Maharishi. But we intend to always respect the experiences and feelings of individuals who practice TM – or any spiritual path or discipline.

We intend to shed light on aspects of TM life that the TM Organizations have concealed from the public.

In summary, we offer our forum as a safe place to share our points of view for the benefit of others -- and ourselves.

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