Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What Were You Thinkin'?

As TMers, whether current or former, we share many common experiences. How about sharing some of yours?

Each of us was drawn to Transcendental Meditation and the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for individual reasons. I, for instance, was having difficulty in a calculus class during my freshman year in college. When I saw the scientific research that suggested that TM boosted IQ, I thought "Why not give it a shot for $25?" Twenty-three years later when I left the TM Movement, my IQ still hadn't improved -- and I never did finish the calculus course.

What was your reason for starting TM? Please take a second, click on "Comments" below, and share your personal reason for starting TM. Then tell us if your expectations were met.


facedog said...

Tension neck and headaches. It worked!

Sudarsha said...

I was reading the Zen Teachings of Huang Po when I discovered a book with the photo of some dude dressed in white sheets. I bought it, started reading it that evening and when I read To be is to live I felt instantly convinced that here was what I was seeking. A week or so later I found a recording (an LP) with two of Mahesh's talks on it and the address of a TM Centre.

I still have the book and the receipt for initiation which happened about two weeks after I purchased the recording.

At first, it was interesting and I had some intesting experiences ... more about which some other time.

Then I forgot about it. Later, in a stressful situation, decided to try it again and got hooked.

There was good stuff, there was not such good stuff and friends had great experiences and devastating experiences. Some have done well and some quite poorly.


Maybe, maybe not. But I wouldn't take the chance recommending it to anyone.


Sue said...

In my case, I was a happy camper in Art school. A teacher recommended TM to the class; the lecture was held ON CAMPUS. I trusted my teacher, I trusted the campus. I listened to what was being sung (It was a concert lecture with Paul Horn). I was instantly tantalized by the promise of bliss, and my delicate heart raced as I felt anxiety about not having ALREADY STARTED TM. I got the $35.00 from my mother, and went by bycicle to the Berkeley center for my surprize intitaion ceremony; I became hooked on a feeling, thinking it was bliss consciousness, and lost interest in art, English, study, frineds, and family until I turned the corner and quit. I did get bliss, but found dishonesty in the people and that's why I quit after 7 years of meditation.

Pundit said...

It was a concert lecture with Paul Horn.

But did you enjoy?

Anonymous said...

I started in college, for 65 bucks. I had an interest in meditation, but previous efforts to focus on a word, or concentrate came without any results. On my initiation into TM, I felt as if I had been borne Home, effortlessly, and it has worked as promised ever since.

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