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Yes, we are no religion

[the line breaks didn't translate from the original, so I have broken the speech up as I saw fit, but no words or punctuation has been altered. /s]

from: Yahoo Group Transcendental_Meditation

Maharishi Worships Mahasarasvati
[Yes, We Are No Religiion!]


Maharishi after the Puja to Mahasarasvati
on Vasant Panchami Day, 23 January 2007

Jai Guru Dev.

Having done Puja to Guru Dev today on this Vasant Panchami Day, the day of Mahasarasvati; having worshipped Mahasarasvati today, we are resolving with the grace of Guru Dev to have our world family of 192 countries be blessed by all the Devatas.

5 Vedas, and each has sponsored 5 Devatas. And the protection of all these Devatas, according to all the Vedas, has to be secured by us, who have the blessings of Guru Dev. And we feel, with his blessings, we are competent to have protection for everyone in our world family - individually and nationally.

Administration of a nation is administered by the collective consciousness of the nation. It is the collective consciousness that administers a nation. Everywhere we find - for centuries in the past - administration of any nation was not satisfactory. Now we have with the blessing of Guru Dev insight into the mechanics of administration. Government is governed by the collective consciousness.

And when we want government administration to be successful, so that everyone is living life on the top of his efficiency -- perfect health, peace, prosperity prevails in every nation -- then we have to improve the quality of collective consciousness.

We have with the grace of Guru Dev established a principle of improving collective consciousness of every nation. And that is with these Vedic Performances through the Yagyas and Yogic performances through the Yogic flyers.

That is what is our task before us.We want to offer to Guru Dev our world free from suffering - every nation in perfect health, every nation of the level of invincibility.

That is the task before us.

And we have performed Puja today on the day of Mahasarasvati; the Goddess of Wisdom, the Goddess of Total Science and Technology -- Mahasarasvati. Beautiful Puja has been performed after performing the Puja to the lotus feet of Shri Guru Dev today.

So we are setting ourselves to create all the nations -- 192 countries in the world -- to have the support from coherence, harmony, peace and happiness -- created by the groups of Vedic Flyers in as many countries as possible.

Soon and ultimately as soon as possible all the countries should have support from the Yogic Flyers and Vedic Pandits performing Yagyas, in whatever measure possible, we are going to start our operation now and from now on.

What we have found, all the main Devatas, each has so many Mantras. We are going to have Vedic Pandits allocated, many Pandits allocated, depending on the number we can engage; many Pandits allocated for each Mantra of each Devata and thereby exploring all possibilities for leaving no stone unturned for permanent peace in our family of nations.

So from today, from today, from today, we will be exploring the possibilities of starting these Yagyas with the resolution of Heyam Dukham Anagatam -- avert the danger that has not yet come.

Whatever --. is going to happen in any country, we will be performing Yagyas and creating strong influence of coherence so that the forthcoming calamities may not befall the nation. It is a beautiful task.

We bow down again and again to the lotus feet of Shri Guru Dev and now today to Mahasarasvati and pray that our efforts be successful and soon we will have a healthy, wealthy and wise national life in every country.

Jai Guru Dev.

Prime Minister-ji, a great task before us. And you will succeed with all your Ministers; you will succeed to bring this toffee to our dear Raja Nader Raam, that in his reign suffering belongs to noone -- Raam Raj dukh kahu na vyapa.

So Prime Minister, we'll start from today.

Jai Guru Dev


Anonymous said...

Thanks Sudarsha, but why does this group with to "bring this toffee to our dear Raja Nader Raam"? I had heard that Maharishi is insulin dependant, but was it toffee that tipped the balance?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sudarsha, but why does this group with to "bring this toffee to our dear Raja Nader Raam"? I had heard that Maharishi is insulin dependant, but was it toffee that tipped the balance?

Sudarsha said...

Anonymous, Anonymous. Thank you for your astute observation.

I would have thought "toffee" was no more than feckless candy, empty of nutriment. Maybe that's what he's saying.

Or, you could be right, the old guy is insulin dependant (Guru Dev not having taught him the technique for that) and all this sweet has sent him over the edge, over the edge.


Anonymous said...

Would this have anything to do with the 'sweet truth' so popular in TM circles.

Sudarsha said...

Anonymous: I think you might be on to something! The sweet truth, so popular in TM circles is likely to be just that, seemingly-succulent, empty of real value and likely to rot more than the teeth, as the article so nicely illustrates!


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