Monday, March 26, 2007

Group Pressure - Ongoing cult growth

(email just sent to TM center leaders.. "inspiration".. as always w/ urgency)

Urgent Need - Just a Few Hundred More Invincible America Assembly Participants

The Invincible America Assembly has drawn thousands of Sidhas from the United States and many other countries.
The experiences of bliss and higher states of consciousness in the large group program have been greater than in any previous assembly. These experiences have been deeply inspiring to Maharishi, who has brought out such beautiful knowledge in response. Many course participants have naturally stayed on the Assembly longer than planned. Many have returned multiple times.

The size of our group has been close to the national invincibility threshold - about 1,730 Yogic Flyers - even through the cold winter months. And even though we have been somewhat shy of the required number, we have created a dramatic change in our country. The most recent example: the sudden and unexpected turnaround in U.S. foreign policy towards Iran, Syria, and North Korea - a dramatic shift away from confrontation and belligerence towards consensus building and peace.

Now is the time for us to surpass the threshold - and create stable national coherence and lasting invincibility for America.
Next week, 133 more Vedic Pandits will arrive from India. If we can inspire just a few hundred more Sidhas to join the Assembly, we will reach the 2,000 level - our national super radiance number plus a safety factor - and we will create a truly Invincible America.

We can accommodate many more people. More on-campus housing will be available very soon, a good amount of off-campus housing is available, and we sare creating additional flying space right next to the Golden Domes.

Annapurna Dining Hall is even offering a new improved menu of organic dishes. And spring weather is here.
Please tell your out-of-town friends to apply and encourage local Yogic flyers to take advantage of this historic opportunity to enhance the power of the Assembly. Maharishi is giving so much sustained attention to this Assembly - and is looking at this as the turning point for our country and our world.

Let's "make hay while the sun shines."
Jai Guru Dev

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