Friday, March 02, 2007

Message to Paul

Hi Paul,

I hope you reconsider....but if you don't I totally respect your wishes. Your postings have brought amazing insight from someone who has done more research about mahesh and Guru Dev than perhaps anyone else on the planet.

That we don't all agree isn't important at all to me. We are NOT and never have attempted to be a unified front. There is no "line" or creed that we have to adhere to. The only thing we seem to have in common, is a believe that mahesh has behaved in an irresponsible manner in a number of areas.

Like you, I have no real beef with the basic TM practice. In fact...guess what boys and girls...I still do it in the morning. Know why? It feels good to me. That's it. I don't do any of the other practices anymore but I still like that little buzz in the morning. I know others here feel like TM is bad dope. That's OK....for some folks it is. And we all know, and have seen, the effects that too much of this dope can have.

I have real issues with the damage the mahesh and the TMO have done in many people's lives....people I know very well.

But I have felt that the beauty of the TM Free group is that we have an open venue where our ideas can be expressed without the crushing boundaries of either pro or anti group think.

Paul, I have the utmost admiration for you. The TMO never allowed much of any insight into what Guru Dev taught. Until reading your web site I really had no idea of what he taught or wrote. And your research into mahesh's life is simply the best that has ever been attempted. I learned things about his life that I never knew back when I was obsessed with it.

If you choose to leave....heartfelt thanks for your contributions. If you stay.....amen brother and keep the great posts coming. You could do a series of posts about how you disagree with other posts on the blog. That would be totally cool and reinforce the truth...that this is just a place where freedom of thought about mahesh and the TMO is encouraged and welcome.

Think about it for a few days, OK?

Thanks my friend.


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