Sunday, May 20, 2007

Belated Welcome to Abraham!

We are very pleased to welcome our newest contributor to the TM-Free Blog, Abraham -- a former visiting faculty member at MIU (MUM). As Abraham explains, he brings a wealth of information from two decades of experience within the TM Org:
I first learned TM in 1971 as a 17 year-old college student and subsequently practiced it twice a day for 22 years. After graduating from college, I studied in Europe for six months to become a TM teacher and taught TM full-time, initiating over 250 people into the practice. I attended many advanced programs and became a TM Governor after learning the TM-Sidhi program. I have also been a visiting faculty member at Maharishi International University in Fairfield, Iowa. Because I still have friends in the TM organization and because of my current professional visibility, I choose to remain anonymous. For the most part, I had positive experiences with TM, which is why I kept up the practice for as long as I did. Nevertheless, in 1993, after years of inner conflict, I decided to stop practicing TM and quietly left the TM movement because I could no longer continue in good conscience. I had come to see how the whole thing had been based in deceit and denial.

I hope you'll welcome Abraham to our community -- and enjoy his posts as much as I do!


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